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"And the Word for Moonlight is my Name," POETRY MAGAZINE

“A Knife Delivers Us From Tenderness," SLUG Magazine

"A Pornography," Guesthouse

"Aleph from What Once Was a Homeland," Denver Quarterly

"And Morning in Electric Surrender," What are Birds? Journal

"An Endless Hunger," Juked Magazine

"Ark," Raleigh Review

"Dove," What are Birds? Journal

"Besides the Fear of Darkness," [Winner of the Nostravia! Prize]

"Black Cow," Ellipsis...Literature & Art

“'The Appalachian Trail, "Black Warrior Review

“The Dive,” Black Warrior Review

"Brief Conversation with a Little Moon," Ligeia Magazine

"Come, Slow Devotion," published as "The Niteswimmers," Blood Orange Review

"Epistemology of Touch," As it Ought to be Magazine

"Feral, Untold Grace," The American Poetry Review

"For the Next Extinction," 3 Elements Review [Nominated for "Best of the Net"]

"Primatology of Longing," Frontier Magazine

"Girlish," The Scores

“The Repast of a Lion in Dream,” Guernica Magazine

“Here, the Wolves," Pithead Chapel [Winner of Best of the Net]

"How to Make an Ariel," The Margins | Asian American Writer’s Workshop

"I Dream a Highway," Birdcoat Quarterly

"In Brave Slowness of Life," The American Poetry Review

"In Dead Horse Point, We are Alone," The American Poetry Review

"In the Primate Room with The Beloved," The American Literary Review

"In the Zikr Room," Mizna

"Nastaliq Written in Fishlake National Park," Utah 125th Centennial Chapbook

"Nocturna," The American Poetry Review

"On Hunger," Southern Humanities Review [Nominated for Pushcart Prize]

"On Lightness," Foothill Poetry Journal

"On Red Thread," Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review

"Pegasus Tattoo on the Left," Four Way Review

"Poem as Videotape," Small Orange Journal

“Beekeeping," Radar

“Vulpine," Saltfront

"Sleeptalking," Eratio Postmodern Poetry

"Touch as Love Language," Superstition Review

"The Orchard Thieves" (also published as "In the Primate Room with The Beloved"), The American Literary Review

"The Waiters," The American Poetry Review

"Us, Again in Arches," The Hopper

"Bestiary" Ursus Americanus, The Hopper

"Birds of Prey," What are Birds? Journal

"The Eternal Present," What are Birds? Journal


Finalist for Gregory Djanikian Scholar in Poetry 

Linda Corrente Memorial Prize 

"Double Exposure," Winner of the Larry Levis Prize, Academy of American Poets  

“Little Bones,” Winner of the Zócalo Public Prize

"Besides the Fear of Darkness," Winner of the Nostrovia! Press Prize  | Nominated for "Best of the Net " 

Selected Readings | Group Exhibitions | Performances 


2020 Gallery, Columbia University. NY, NY 

2019 Langston Hughes House. Harlem, NY

2019  Nocturna, HesseFlatow Gallery. Amagansett, NY 

2019 Sarah Lawrence Poetry Festival. Yonkers, NY

2019 Langston Hughes House. Harlem, NY

2019 Our Word, Columbia University. Morningside Heights, NY

Environmental Concern 

"The Quran in my Backpack" 

"Save Our Red Rock Landscapes" 

​​Interviews Conducted 

Interview with Jane Hirshfield

Interview with Ross Gay

Interview with Susannah Nevison

Interview with Lilly E. Manycolors

Interview with Valerie Hagetry


New Selected Poems by Thom Gunn 

Museum of the Americas by J. Michael Martinez

The  Condition of Secrecy by Inger Christensen

Killing Commendatore by Haruki Murakami 

Still Life with Two Dead Peacocks & a Girl by  Diane Seuss 

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